KCPC Capital Campaign

After renting space for 20 years, KCPC has grown beyond the capacity of our current location. We cannot meet the vision we believe God is calling us to without a permanent space in western Loudoun County to serve as a hub for intergenerational discipleship, community outreach, and church planting.

You’ve probably heard about Loudoun County, Virginia . . .

Situated just outside Washington, D.C., it’s an area marked by both affluence and influence. Many of those who shape the future of America live and raise their families here. And in the past few years, it’s appeared in the news as an epicenter of national debates and cultural conflict.

In the midst of all this, God is at work in western Loudoun.

Bible-believing churches are growing, with families and individuals looking for Biblical grounding as they live out their callings here. People from all over the world are moving to this rapidly expanding county, seeking new jobs and opportunities.

The need for Christ-centered teaching and covenant community has never been greater.

An Outpost of God’s Kingdom

One key foothold for Christ-centered faith in western Loudoun is Ketoctin Covenant Presbyterian Church – a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church in the heart of Purcellville. Since its planting in 2003, God has used KCPC to provide a grounding in Biblical truth and a rooting in community for Christians from all walks of life. KCPC is a place where God’s people grow deep roots in Christ, enabling them to practically serve their neighbors in a multitude of ways – establishing homeschool co-ops, partnering with local relief organizations, entering pastoral ministry, and more.

A significant area of ministry for KCPC is its outreach to students at nearby Patrick Henry College (PHC). Founded 3 years before KCPC, PHC is a small Christian liberal arts college with far-reaching influence. Students from all over the nation come to study and prepare for careers in law, government, business, education, media, and more. (5 PHC alumni have gone on to serve as Supreme Court Clerks.) In recent years, KCPC’s college ministry has grown to include nearly 40 PHC students, or around 10% of the entire student body.

God has given KCPC a wonderful vision for intergenerational discipleship, local outreach, and church planting. At the same time, He has been increasing our numbers beyond the capacity of our current rental situation, leading us to consider whether He might be calling us to establish a permanent space in western Loudoun.

KCPC Vision and Goals Webinar

Pastor Ben talks about the history of KCPC, what God is doing in our community, and our vision for intergenerational discipleship for years to come.

A Permanent Home

The high cost of living and even higher cost of commercial real estate in Loudoun County have made the search for a potential location difficult.

In late 2023, however, God suddenly provided an off-market land purchase opportunity just one mile from downtown Purcellville. The 7+ acre property sits at a prominent location between a new housing community, an industrial park, and open farmland.

Sensing God’s leading in this direction, KCPC has entered into a contract to purchase this property as the site of the church’s future home – a transaction which will cost around $1.5 million.

Seeking God’s Provision


Goal 1
$1.1 Million

Providentially, KCPC started 2024 with $613,449 in available funds. Our denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, has agreed to provide a low-interest loan for up to $400,000-$500,000. To make the purchase of this property possible, we need to raise an additional $486,550 by December 2024.


Goal 2
$1.5 Million

Goal 2 is to generate enough capital to acquire the land without the need for a loan. This would mean raising a total of $1.5M ($400,000 more than Goal 1). This would enable KCPC to begin preparing to construct our church home – right away.

How To Contribute

We cannot realize a permanent church home for KCPC without strategic investment by Christians, like-minded philanthropists, and those committed to discipling the next generation of Christian leaders.

How can you help? First and foremost, pray for this effort and for God to grant us wisdom as we seek to glorify Him in this process. If God is leading you to support this work, use the form below to pledge and/or donate a tax-deductible gift.


Frequently Asked Questions

This campaign is intended to buy a piece of property that is well-suited for a church and approved by local government for that purpose. When the land is purchased and paid for, we will build a building on it.

We are a growing church. Our space for people and our opportunities for ministry are limited in our current space. In the Hamilton-Purcellville-Round Hill area, there are very few existing spaces where a church of our size can meet. Renting leaves us open to having to close or try to move the church if our rental situation changes, as it did in 2022. While we were able, by God’s grace, to find another space able to house us, we discovered at that time there were no other spaces in the area outside of our currently rented space.

The total cost to purchase the land is about $1.5 million. At start of our capital campaign, we have raised a total of $678,786 towards the purchase price. We can borrow up to $400,000–500,000 for the property. “Goal 1” will raise enough money to take us to the loan qualification ($1.1 million, or about $400,000 above what God has already provided). “Goal 2” is to raise the funds to purchase the land without a loan.

God has provided abundantly for this effort already, and amazingly. We believe He can easily provide enough to cover the full cost and ask you to pray earnestly that He will do that. If a loan is necessary, our denomination (the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) will be able to offer us a loan out of its fund specifically set up to help churches with their building programs. We believe that Christians helping Christians in this way is definitely Biblical.

This 7+ acre, heavily wooded property is located in a residential and commercial area of Purcellville, Virginia. The adjoining properties to the north and west of the property consist of residences, agricultural land to the east, and commercial properties to the south.

According to historical research, the property has been undeveloped wooded land since the 1930s. Over time, the surrounding area has developed slowly from primarily agricultural to residential and commercial use. In the 1960s, a residence was developed to the north, and in the 1980s, E Nichols Lane, followed by a propane facility, was developed to the south. Additional commercial structures were developed to the south and southwest in the 2000s, and a residential community was developed to the west in the 2010s. 

The land sits on a corner lot ideally located near Route 7. It is large enough for a reasonably large church building, adequate parking, and additional playground and pavilion areas, in addition to keeping a significant tree buffer for privacy.

On the first screen in the form, you can create a pledge. Choose “0” for the amount to donate today if you want to start donations later or if you will send them by mail. On the second screen, you fund your pledge. If you will be sending by mail or want to return and donate online later, choose “No” for “Activate Autopay.”

Whichever is most convenient or comfortable for you and easy to follow through on. All are secure methods. We are charged:

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Zero percent (0%) for mailed checks.

If you want to cover the processing fees for the donation, you will have the option on the donation form.

Yes. To mail a check, make it out to KCPC and include “Building Fund” on the memo line.

Mail to: KCPC, P.O. Box 1270, Purcellville, VA 20134 or put it in the Offering on Sunday.

Yes. You’ll need some account and broker information to give to your broker. Please email treasurer@ketoctin.org and we’ll get that to you. This is a great way to give, as you get a tax deduction for the value of the security when you give it, not what you paid for it. Note, if you want a receipt, you must let us know if you transfer securities that you did so; the receiving broker doesn’t pass on who sent it.

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